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NU-BLAK® Blackening Cream No. 82NF - The ORIGINAL

Schlitt Werkzeuge und Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

The ideal way to repair damaged blackend surfaces, e.g. after assembly error. Also suitable for blackening small areas or small parts without much effort.

As a supplier of lackening chemicals and complete blackening equipment, we have developed a special blackening cream that meets these requirements as a blackening coat.

For the blackening of complete parts and large quantities, we offer our industrial product range.

The product is also suitable for the ANTIQUE COLORING of brass surfaces!


NU-BLAK® is a registered trademark of Schlitt Werkzeuge und Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH



Use the cream only as supplied. Make sure the surface to be blackened is free of rust, grease, oil and other oxide layers.

Use our NU-BLAK® Degreaser No. 17 or acetone for degreasing. A physically and chemically pure surface is absolutely necessary
- if necessary, a rust remover must be used for the pretreatment.

1. Apply the degreaser to the place to be degreased.

2. Remove the degreaser with a clean and wet cloth.

3. Apply NU-BLAK® Cream 82 with a clean and grease-free cloth to the wet area to be treated.

4. Allow NU-BLAK® Cream 82 to work for about 5-10 minutes. Repeated application may be necessary to achieve a good black color.

5. Remove the NU-BLAK® Cream 82 with a clean, damp cloth or under running water.

6. For after-treatment (corrosion protection) use our BRUNOX 5-function spray with creep oil property

7. Let the oil work for about 45 minutes.

8. Your burnished job is done now

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Bei der Brüniercreme Nr.82 handelt es sich um ein sehr gutes Brüniermittel welches relativ schnell, insbesondere auf niedrig legierte Stähle reagiert und dabei ein sehr gutes schwarzes Ergebnis liefert.
Ich benutze dieses Brüniermittel schon seit längerem und bin nach wie vor damit sehr zufrieden und kann dieses auch uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.

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